About Us

Digital Bond was founded in 1998 and performed our first control system security assessment in the year 2000. Over the last twelve years we have accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge in this field. In 2004, we moved our sole focus to control system security.

There are three main parts to Digital Bond.

  1. Consulting – Our primary service is security assessments, but we also perform security architecture, security policy and audit, RFP/RFI preparation and a variety of other services. We also perform application assessments for control system vendors and help them develop secure SCADA and DCS. Some of Digital Bond’s clients have been with us for more than five years and have gone from almost no security to highly secure control systems.
  2. Research – Our research focuses on developing tools that help asset owners and vendors assess the security of their control systems and detect and stop cyber attacks. These are the most widely tools in the community. Digital Bond’s research not only provides tools for the control system community, it also provides our team with unique knowledge of security issues. For example our Bandolier project has identified hundreds of security settings in systems and their optimal settings. Our Portaledge project detects control system specific cyber attacks. In fact many or Digital Bond’s consulting competitors use our tools developed in these research projects.
  3. S4 Conference – Digital Bond’s S4 event is recognized as the premier ICS security technical event in the world. It draws the top research talent and thought leaders. The sessions bypass the SCADASEC 101 that you see at other events. And it is growing year by year in popularity and new conference features. S4x14 in January will bring the new OTDay, ICSage and ICS Village.