Culture / Working At Digital Bond

Digital Bond was founded in 1998 by Dale Peterson. Dale’s first job out of college was as a cryptanalyst at the National Security Agency(NSA), where he had the good fortune to work on a team of brilliant security professionals who were constantly learning and applying the latest innovative technology to important security problems. His goal in forming Digital Bond was to recreate that environment where the best come to work together and learn from each other.

Nothing is more important to Digital Bond than hiring the right people and nurturing their careers. Quick, confident, team players who are open minded, fast and voracious learners are constantly being recruited. Everyone on the Digital Bond team joined because they are committed to becoming world class in their area of expertise and creating something special. From day one, you will be empowered to make a major contribution, and a lot is expected of you.

A major focus at Digital Bond is contributing to the web site. We want people who have opinions and can write or speak them in a clear and interesting way.

In terms of consulting and research, our approach is to find interesting and important engagements, rather than developing repeatable services that could drive growth. For example, you will not see Digital Bond performing many NERC CIP Gap Assessments, but we might develop an innovative and effective Gap Assessment Methodology that we would make available to others in the industry. We score all potential engagements on five factors: impact, learning, client, marketing and fun, and only bid on high scoring projects.

You see the results of Digital Bond’s focus on impact in our research and this web site. We select and craft research projects to have a tangible deliverable that will help asset owners. We make tools and information available to the community rather than keep them locked up in the lab. This sharing of intellectual property is not a concern because we expect to always be working on the leading edge.

Digital Bond grows when the right person is available. If you think that is you, feel free to contact us.