Dale Peterson

Founder and CEO

Dale Peterson
In 1984 Dale Peterson joined the NSA as a cryptanalyst, a codebreaker. After 6 years that he can talk little about, Dale moved to the commercial network security industry. He has had the opportunity to work in leading network security companies in a variety of roles including engineering, algorithm and protocol design, service, marketing and sales, and even as President of a public company. This diverse experience helps a great deal in understanding our clients’ business and security requirements.

In 1998, Dale Peterson founded Digital Bond. He leads the team on consulting engagements that assess and improve the security of SCADA and DCS that run the critical infrastructure.  Dale’s research focuses on adding SCADA intelligence into IT security solutions, and the results can be seen today in most network IDS, SCADA honeynets and Nessus plugins. An increasing amount of his time is focused on making digitalbond.com the place to go for ICS security and control system IT information.

Dale is an internationally-renowned SCADA security technologist and is responsible for a large amount of the available technical SCADA security content. In addition to his widely read SCADA security blog, Dale has written two Protection Profiles for NIST’s PCSRF, many whitepapers, magazine articles and presentations.

SCADA Security Research Projects Led By Dale Peterson

  • Bandolier Security Audit Files for Nessus
  • PLC / SCADA Honeynet
  • Portaledge ICS Attack Detection and Security Monitoring
  • Quickdraw SCADA IDS
  • S4 – SCADA Security Scientific Symposium

Dale Peterson is a CISSP, CISA and NSA certified cryptanalyst.  He has a BS in Finance from University of Illinois.