OPC Security Whitepaper, Part II

Part II of the three part OPC Security whitepaper written by Byres Security, Digital Bond and BCIT is available today for subscribers. Eric will be posting it on his site and in the upcoming weeks you are likely to see it on other sites as well.

We are three weeks tardy on our planned release date for Part II. Interestingly we had a lot more people requesting to review and comment on Part II after they read Part I. The additional input definitely improved the document. Special thanks to Ralph Langner for his contribution in Section 2.5 which details for four possible risk scenarios:

  • Collateral Damage by OPC-Unaware Malware
  • Accidental Shutdown of SCADA by Benevolent User
  • Opportunistic OPC Denial of Service Attack
  • Intelligent, Aggressive Attack against OPC Hosts

Part II identifies many of the vulnerabilities possible in OPC configurations and the very frightening guidance provided by many vendors and organizations to avoid ‘problems’ by eliminating access permission restrictions on DCOM objects. It sets the stage for Part III which focuses on the good practice configuration guidance for your OPC clients and servers.

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  • southworthrg

    HI Dale

    Publicly let me thank everyone from sponsor to team member for putting the paper series out in the community a good “follow on” from S4.

    What needs to be noticed more by the community:

    The outcome of research efforts providing a practical application or solution.

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