Friday News and Notes

  • ISA 99, the cyber security committee at ISA, has moved their work in progress from a private Sharepoint to a public wiki. All can read, but you need to be part of a working group to get a login to add or edit. Great idea and hopefully this will spur more to participate.
  • An article in IMPO magazine points out that Microsoft Extended Support and Security Updates for Windows 2000 will end in July. And it is not that new vulns and exploits have stopped for this OS as evidenced bythe MS10-025 issued this month and recently pulled back. Hopefully after similar issues with Windows NT many control system owner/operators have done a better job staying on a supported OS. [Hat tip: Frank Dickman]
  • Take a look at this article on PG&E statistics with smart meter installations. Despite the tone of the article, the data is interesting. “PG&E detailed 43,376 cases in which the meters were involved in other kinds of problems. It said 23,000 meters were installed improperly, 11,376 failed to retain consumer usage information and 9,000 had trouble connecting with the wireless network.” This is potentially out of the 5.5 million deployed, but it is unclear if all had been tested. These numbers actually might not be too bad for a massive deployment of a new technology. Probably will depend on how easy or hard it is to resolve the problems.

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  • Dale, thanks for helping to spread the word about our work on the ISA99 committee. Allow me to make on minor correction to your post. The “work in progress” folders of the committee, containing things like draft documents under development, meeting notes and the like are still being kept in the private portion of the Sharepoint site, which is a different area of than the Wiki. The Wiki pages are actually part of the same Sharepoint site and will be used to post information about the committee, its structure and work products, as well as to solicit feedback from interested parties. The details of all of this are being worked out as we all become more familiar with the capabilities of the tools. We ask that everyone be patient with us as we progress. It will no doubt take a little time since we are all doing this with the precious few spare time that we have from other responsibilities.

    Eric Cosman
    ISA99 co-chair

  • Thanks for the correction Eric. It might be interesting to put some of the major drafts out on the wiki as well – – not the week to week work, but something that is being sent around for review.

  • Good suggestion, and definitely a possibility. Once a draft reaches the committee review stage we want to get as many eyes looking at it as possible.

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