S4 2012: Jan 17-19 Save The Date & Start Your Research

After a one year hiatus, Digital Bond is proud to announce the 2012 SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4) on January 17 – 19, 2012. This will be the fifth edition of this event, and it will be held again in beautiful Miami Beach. Advanced training will be available on the 17th, and the S4 event will be on 18-19.

There will not be a Virtual Attendee program this year so make sure you save the date to be one of the 55 who can attend in person.

S4 is an event targeted at ICS security researchers and thought leaders. It is highly technical. We give the speakers one hour to present their paper in technical detail to an audience who will understand and question it. Speakers are encouraged to get into the code, exploit, protocol, statistics … In fact our guidance to speakers is always more technical. We will have more in the call for papers, program, registration on what S4 is and importantly is not, but I can safely say it is quite different than any other ICS security event. It is perfect for a certain type of attendee and miserable for another.

The event and the event hotel locations are fantastic. The event hotel is right on the ocean and by mid-January many parts of the US and world are ready for some warm weather and beach time. It is a great place to bring your spouse, significant other and family.

The S4 event is held at the Florida International University Kovens Center. They have a perfect case study room, like a theater in the half-round, that really works well for the discussions and encourages interaction. The size is perfect as well.

For those of you concerned that this event may be cancelled later in the year, it won’t. We really missed the three days of interaction with the brilliant S4 attendees, and we heard from many S4 alumni that it left a big hole. We decided to go all in this year and have already signed the contracts and paid the deposits. We are committed to putting together the best program yet. If you have any ideas for topics or research we should chase, email us.

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  • That’s great news. I’ll certainly be there.

  • amino world

    great to hear of the return of S4, but i’ll miss the ‘lurker’ option. d-bond did an excellent job on the virtual attendee service and i was hoping it would catch on with other venues. i guess you were just ahead of your time .

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