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Congratulations to Idaho National Labs and DHS for winning a SANS Cybersecurity Innovation Award (note to self, create an award). It hasn’t been a great year for DHS or INL on the ICS security front, but this award for the red team / blue team hands on training course is well deserved. Attendees with varied backgrounds all rave about this course.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has issued an 81-page document entitled “Protecting Industrial Control Systems“. The document has seven recommendations that are not wrong but a bit obvious and repetitive, such as Foster Awareness and Understanding or Great a Good Security Practices Guide. We will do a more detailed blog on this document next week.

The Siemens web site now has an Industrial Security page. It’s a great idea, but only if there is honesty and candor rather than marketing spin. A quick view of the page and links did come across any of the outstanding S7 vulnerabilities, and the Worth Reading article below from Billy Rios continues a trend. More interesting is the promotion of the “comprehensive industrial security services, we will support you in taking the required steps against every conceivable threat scenario – and plan comprehensive solutions for maximum protection.” Will an ICS product vendor point the finger at one of their own ICS products with serious security deficiencies?

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