S4x13 Video: Bryan Owen Mini-Keynote

We needed a second introductory keynote to set the stage for the S4x13 theme of NOW! since we were running the event in two case study rooms. Bryan Owen of OSIsoft accepted the challenge to present 10-minutes on the subject, and he came up with an innovative approach. All of his suggestions start with N – O – W.

I particularly liked Novel O-Days Wanted. We had about 20 0-Days at S4x13 this year (I still need to watch the rest of the videos and get an official count). Most used classic attack techniques and found low hanging fruit. I think the most novel offensive technique was the ICS protocol tunneling Reid showed, and even this is borrowed from the IT world. We are hoping to raise the bar yet again at S4x14 with presenters showing new and novel ways to attack SCADA and DCS.


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    I would nominate Stephen Dunlap for the most Novel 0-Day Award at S4-2013 for his use of PLC cycle time information in the presentation “A Race to the Bottom – PLC Defense”. It introduced an new way that PLC passwords can be leaked. This is useful, if for no other reason than to inform the vendors of a risk they need to consider in any new PLC product designs.

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