S4x13 Video: Recovering Siemens S7 Level 3 Passwords

Eric Johansson from Management Doctors in Sweden brought over a great Siemens S7 demo rack to demonstrate some attacks on the Siemens S7 PLC family.

At 7:45 Erik shows the Level 3 (highest security that controls read/write access) can be recovered by capturing the packets sent to the PLC. This was actually known and included in Siemens documentation (July 2011) as a potential weakness — with advice to not let the bad guys on your network.

At 14:13 Erik shows a denial of service attack on the Siemens equipment he brought to S4x13. It requires a power cycle and administrator action to put the PLC back into Run mode.

The Q&A at 18:19 is quite interesting.

Arne Vidstrom of FOI was part of the team that did this work.

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