ICS Security Event

See the S4x14 Agenda & Register Now

January 14 – 17, 2014 in Miami Beach

Digital Bond’s SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4) is the event for those wanting to learn and discuss advanced ICS security topics. It draws the best technical talent and thought leaders in the ICS security community.

S4x14 adds optional Operations Technology Day (OTDay) on Tuesday and ICSage (ICS Cyber Weapons) on Friday … plus the ICS Village, advanced training classes and more.

The last two years have sold out, so register early to guarantee your spot for the most advanced ICS security event of the year and to be amongst the best in the world.

S4 is much more technical than other ICS events. Don’t take our word for it — watch the videos. We particularly recommend the Langner’s Stuxnet Deep Diver and Wightman’s Project Basecamp from 2012, and the ICS Spear Phishing and Peterson’s NOW sessions from 2013.

In January 2013 125 ICS security experts gathered in Miami for the two day conference and two days of advanced ICSsec training. Here are some facts:

  • 47 non-US participants from 15 countries
  • An unprecedented gathering of top talent
  • 22 technical sessions and 8 unsolicited responses
  • 90 students attending the advanced training
  • Advanced training instructors were Billy Rios/Terry McCorkle, Travis Goodspeed, atlas 0f d00m, and Luigi Auriemma/Donato Ferrante