S4x14 Week

Digital Bond held the 2014 edition of the Scientific SCADA Security Symposium January 14 – 17 in Miami. What started as a 40 person two-day event has turned into a big week. Here are some of the stats:

  • The main two-day S4x14 conference on Weds/Thurs had 170 of the top ICS security researchers from around the world. In fact about 50% were international and the other half US.
  • This year we added an Operations Technology Day (OTDay) on Tuesday. Expecting about 65 we were overwhelmed to double that with 130 people attending two tracks and playing in the ICS Village.
  • We also added ICSage: ICS Cyber Weapons on Friday. This event sold out the case study room and will move up to the ballroom in 2015.
  • The two advanced training classes had more than 20 students each.
  • The social events were a lot of fun. We had a Binary Brew Works Beer Tasting on a rooftop terrace overlooking th

There are additional pages on each part of S4x14 Week, but here are some quick links that should address most of your needs:

Links to Event Highlight Pages:

  • OTDay
  • ICS Village
  • S4x14 (Wednesday / Thursday)
  • ICSage
  • Advanced Training Courses

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