About Us

Digital Bond was founded in 1998 and performed our first control system security assessment in the year 2000. Over the last fifteen years we have accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge in this field. In 2004, we moved our sole focus to control system security.

There are three main parts to Digital Bond.

  1. Digital Bond Consulting – The Consulting team at Digital Bond helps owner/operators secure their industrial control systems (ICS). Our primary service, and typically first engagement with a new client, is a security assessment. After that we follow our efficient risk reduction approach to recommend the best way for a client to improve their security posture. Some of the other common ICS security services performed by Digital Bond Consulting include security architecture, security policy and audit, RFP/RFI preparation, and incident response planning. Some of Digital Bond’s clients have been with us for more than five years and have gone from almost no security to highly secure control systems. In fact our first SCADA client from 2000 is still using Digital Bond to assist with their SCADA security program.
  2. Digital Bond Labs – Digital Bond Labs is our elite technical team that works with vendors to find new, 0day vulnerabilities before the attackers find them. Ideally this is done prior to product release so the vulnerabilities are never shipped to customers, but we realize there is a lot of legacy code in ICS that needs a hard security shake. The Digital Bond Labs team is unique in that they are top white/gray/black box assessors who also have experience in ICS and embedded systems.
  3. S4 Conference – Digital Bond’s S4 event is recognized as the premier ICS security technical event in the world. It draws the top research talent and thought leaders. The sessions bypass the SCADASEC 101 that you see at other events. And it is growing year by year in popularity and new conference features. The main S4 held in Miami every January is now a full week with the S4 Technical Sessions, OTDay, ICSage and ICS Village. In 2014 we debuted a two-day S4xJapan, and we are considering adding a S4xEurope in 2015.