S4 Basecamp Presentation Video

Here it is – the video of Reid Wightman’s Project Basecamp presentation. It is full of technical details and a real example of the technical detail we aim for S4 presentations. Reid did a fantastic job on the GE D20 and Modicon Quantum (with an assist from Ruben), and he coordinated and presented the other Basecamp researchers findings. It’s 90 minutes and 1.28GB with high quality video that looks good even when expanded to full screen.

Our only regret was Dillon Beresford and Ruben Santamarta were not able to attend and present their own work on the SEL-2032 and Rockwell Automation ControlLogix respectively. I’m sure they could have added even more detail and deserve credit for their strong work.

You will also notice that there is no SCADASEC 101. Reid just dives into the technical details which is what we ask our S4 speakers to do.

There is another 12 minutes of Q&A that we are having trouble with the video. This includes Kevin from ICS-CERT’s question on the lack of advance disclosure and our answers. If we can’t fix the video, we will release the audio.

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