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Unsolicited Response Podcast

I admit it. The travel and the projects, mostly the travel away from the podcast studio, made it very difficult to continue a monthly podcast. And I was finding that some months I was not necessarily excited about the interview and panel discussion.

So we have renamed the podcast to Unsolicited Response. Much like this feature in control systems, the podcast will not be regularly scheduled. It will occur as events warrant and interesting interviews are possible. Most of the episodes will be about 40 minutes long, but there could be a 10-minute or 2-hour episode.

My main goal in the podcast is to fully explore the guests opinion and new information. While I may (probably) voice my opinion from time to time, you get plenty of that in the blog. When there is a disagreement, which happens with opinionated people, the goal is to get the guest to explain his opinion in depth rather than try to prove the guest is wrong.

If you have an idea for an interview or panel discussion topic, send it to us.

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 Past Episodes

This Month In Control System Security Podcast

Prior to beginning the Unsolicited Response Podcast, Dale hosted a podcast known as this month in control system security that included interviews and panel discussions. Here are links to the older episodes.

There are another 20 or so episodes prior to this, but they are of limited value now given the age. You can see them on iTunes if you are interested.